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Choose among variety of products: stand-alone, 3D, columnar, garlands and elevation lights.

Stand-alone elements are lights for decoration of sites, parks or squares. They look amazing in hotel lobbies or shopping centres. Choose among Christmas trees, Santas, sleighs, reindeers, trees, angels, Christmas baubles, gifts, igloos, swans and other animals.  

3D elements are spatial illuminations. Our offer includes columnar lights as well as garlands and elevation lights.

Columnar lights are decorations for lighting up columns. Choose among stars, snowflakes, Christmas baubles, bells, comets, angels, Christmas gifts and many others.

With garland and elevation lights one can decorate buildings or streets. Garlands and elevation lights may be hung around buildings or over the streets. Our offer includes Santa’s cart, Christmas gifts, Christmas trees, baubles and lighting text effects such as Merry Christmas or Happy New Year.


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