We offer Christmas illuminations for decoration of streets, bridges, buildings, sites and squares. At Christmas time we help to light-up public spaces, commercial centres and hotels.  We cooperate with self-governments, private enterprises and individual customers. The range of our illuminations includes columnar and façade elements, standalone forms such as: Christmas trees, sledges, reindeers, trees, angels, Christmas tree ornaments and gifts, or igloos. We also offer a wide range of lighting fixtures such as: strip lights, string lights, curtain lights and light garlands.

We have several hundred patterns and individual designs. Customer needs are unlimited,
that is why majority of our products are manufactured according to individual orders (non-catalogue ordering). We continue to develop the range of products based on the latest trends all around the world. Any contact with our customer starts with a thorough interview so as to know the customer preferences and provide need-satisfying products. In this way any dreamed decoration becomes true.

Our LED illuminations are energy saving and more sustainable. Low energy consumption provides extra savings to our customers. However, more money in the customer’s pocket is not the only advantage. Our illuminations are also environmentally friendly.

We value quality and professionalism and we strive to provide our Customers with the best possible products. We select our products carefully and warrant high quality of services. Such policy is appreciated by our customers who are coming back year by year. High quality does not prevent us from quoting attractive prices, discounts and numerous promotions.

Christmas is a magical time and with our illuminations you can feel this wonderful and charming mood!


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